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The firm has systems and methods in place to ensure cost effective and competent representation of its clients.

The threshold goal and strategy of the firm is to accurately evaluate cases as quickly as possible so that settlement can either be achieved or ruled out before expensive discovery and trial preparation have occurred.  At the inception of a new file, all immediately available information is accumulated and analyzed.  This includes information contained in the client’s file, such as statements, investigation reports, medical records and adjusters’ notes.  In addition, the adjuster or risk manager is contacted for any additional insights or instructions regarding the file.  The plaintiff’s attorney is typically contacted to ascertain his or her view of the issues and supporting evidence, to obtain any documentary evidence he or she is willing to provide without formal requests, and to elicit a settlement demand.  Finally, counsel for any co-defendants are contacted for their view of the case and to explore the possibility of a “joint” or cooperative defense.

The firm’s attorneys, paralegals, and staff have long-standing relationships with many attorneys, legal staff, and court staff in the state.  These relationships are maintained as part of our tradition of congeniality in the profession and benefit our clients, as they help us to provide cost-effective, efficient services.  Through these relationships, our firm obtains valuable information and cooperation that might otherwise be unavailable without formal litigation tactics, such as subpoenae and depositions.

After the initial evaluation period, if a case cannot or should not be settled, the firm commences with an aggressive defense that is defined by the client’s legal defense program and instructions.  No significant activity is undertaken without client authorization.  Depending on the client’s preference, the firm provides copies of written discovery responses and depositions to the client’s adjuster.  In addition, adjusters are welcome to attend key depositions, so that he or she can make an independent assessment of the case.  Finally, the client is provided periodic status reports which disclose, among other things, significant pretrial activity, the effect thereof on previous evaluations, new settlement opportunities, and additional recommendations.

While we are always conscious of the need to contain legal costs, we recognize that some cases, for various reasons, must be tried, and thus must be prepared for trial. In such cases, we thoroughly and vigorously prepare for trial in order to provide our clients with the best possible chances of success.  Therefore, O’Brien & Padilla, P.C., always endeavors to balance the need for cost-effective representation with the need for competent representation.

The firm prides itself on handling its cases aggressively, ethically, and thoroughly.  Our firm’s methods and results are respected in the community and the courts, and our adversaries know that we are passionate about and dedicated to every one of our cases.


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